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    Awana is the Sunday Night program at CBC that meets at 5:15 pm during the school year. The Awana Clubs helps churches and parents partner to develop children who faithfully follow Jesus. Awana is celebrating 60 years of God's faithfulness in impacting young lives around the world. The Awana program is one of hte most recobnized children's programs in the world. CBC;s Awana Clubs utilize the three main clubs offered by the Awana Program.


     Cubbies are the preschool club for children two years before they go to kindergarten. The Cubbies probably have more fun htan any of our other clubs.


     Sparks are the kindergarten to second grade club. It is a real joy to see these early elementary kids memorizing God's Word.

Truth & Training

     Truth & Training is the club for third through fifth graders. The upper elementary age is a time of intense biblical learning. It is a true joy to see these children following Jesus.

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