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    We would like to invite you to visit us for Sunday School at 9:30 am Sunday Morning. We offer Sunday School classes for all ages, and we would love to see you visit one of our classes.

     Our small group ministry arm is Sunday School. It is our desire to connect each person that comes to our church to a small group of peers where they can form deep and meaningful friendships. The friendships formed in Sunday School will provide the push for each person to experience growth in their love for God and in their Christian lives.

     Some might ask why we continue with Sunday School as a vital part of our ministry at Colgate Baptist Church when many churches are abandoning Sunday School for other small group formats like cell groups or small group meetings. Our thinking is that Sunday School has been the backbone of church grouth for a number of years. Sunday School is not the problem, but how we do Sunday School that has lead to decline in our small group ministry. For this reason, we are seeking to get back to the basics of Sunday School. We want to provide an opportunity to hear solid, applicable biblical teaching in addition to an atmosphere that is conducive to building relationships. Therefore, we ask you to come see how we are doing, so come check us out.

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